Thoughts of...

17.07.2018 - 30.08.2018

Participating artists

Eberhard Bosslet, Nikolaus Eberstaller, Finn Lafcadio O’Hanlon, Andy Wengel, Veronika Witte


The summer exhibition “Thoughts of… (being an artist)” combines positions of five artists represented by WHITECONCEPTS Gallery.

The visitor can explore different media works by artists at the beginning of their career, mid-career or well-known artists. All of them create very unique works with a strong concept and reflection on the material.

Eberhard Bosslet concentrates in various manners on a construction based environment in both private and public spaces. For his visually stunning work, he uses almost exclusively, products and techniques derived from those of industrial and commercial reality. The objects he develops visually and aesthetically refers to ‘concrete art’ whilst at the same time essentially maintaining their original functional element. After their presentation, all the materials of his artworks are to be given back to their original source.

Eberhard Bosslet is an established contemporary German artist and curator. He has been awarded in 1987 with the Bremer Art Award and in  1993 with the Hans-Purrmann Award. He has been presented by the documenta 8 and was invited to numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA. Since 1997 he is Professor for Sculpture & Space Concepts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden.

The multifaceted work of Nikolaus Eberstaller encircles the Big Five of his world theatre: dream, our so-called reality, social criticism, beauty, and ugliness. The Austrian artist denounces the exciting and fascinating way to social ills and to show the fatal consequences of poverty, suffering, and destruction caused by the abuse of power.

Nikolaus Eberstaller was often awarded. Exhibitions took him throughout Europe and the USA. Recently his works were exhibited in the exhibition hall A38  in Budapest/HU and in the Bode-Museum on the Museum Island in Berlin/DE.

Finn Lafcadio O’Hanlon works in a variety of media including ink and collage on paper, photography, stone engraving, and site-specific sculpture. The 24-year-old British artist explores classical and historical imagery, syncretic religious and ‘pop´ iconography, cartography and lexicology. His finely detailed monochromatic works deal with an exotic, decaying dystopia giving a critical perspective of current political and social issues.

Finn (*1992 Brighton/UK) was born to an Australian father and an Hawaiian-Cherokee mother. He grew up among creative, nomadic types in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Los Angeles/USA before returning as a teenager to Sydney/AUS. Having spent a year in France, Finn has been living in Berlin since 2013. His work has been exhibited in Germany, Australia, United Kingdom and Hungary.

Andy Wengel addresses the themes of self-similarity, complexity and time and began developing ideas for the series “Power” in 2013. The advent of the Industrial Age saw the realm of towering structures, previously the sole preserve of rulers or religious institutions, taken over by mostly privately funded skyscrapers as symbols of power. Andy’s work focuses on the subjective effect of giant buildings on the ground, detached from pure observation of the architecture. Converging verticals and extreme perspectives reinforce the monumental impact of the buildings and are employed as stylistic devices. The reduced visual language together with the juxtaposition allows for a concentrated analysis on a detailed and mid-level, forming a steel portrait of our time.

Andy Wengel (*East-Berlin/DE) had already developed a strong interest for visuals and science in primary school. Traveling through all continents shaped his photographic and general perception. While working at the Humboldt University he was responsible for photographic reproduction and darkroom processes where he first began photographic experiments. His works have been shown in Germany, Hungary, Singapore and the USA.

Veronika Witte creates a reflexive place, which shows identity as a complex construct. In her work, she applies a wide variety of media and art-forms including video, sculpture, and installations as well as collaborations with other artists and scientists in interdisciplinary projects and scenic installations. Often her work conducts research along the border where different art disciplines meet. A central focus in all of her works consists of the role our bodies play in our present society and as a resource for future creation. Veronika Witte is interested in the limits of the body, in the ending of its up to now given ‚fatality’ and in the desire to reinvent oneself over and over again.

Veronika Witte studied at the Ecôle Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris/FR. She was invited to numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and received several awards. Since 1999 she has been working closely with theaters (1999-2005 staatsbankberlin, leading the installation part; and creating stage design until now at the Saarland State Theater/DE and at the State Theater Bielefeld/DE).

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