Frauke Bergemann


Frauke Bergemann operates her hybrid photography from a general subjective point of view. It combines the supposedly objective perception of photography with the individual experience of seeing. While the eye moves from one point to another point Bergemann searches for the reality of a single image, pretending the result of complex imaging processes, to expand the expression of reception. The smooth transition of different perspectives, the continuous focus and the simulation of near leave things for individual focus and in parallel to see the world as a whole.

Artist Info

Frauke Bergemann


Born in Berlin, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany


Studies of photography and photo design, Muthesius School of Art, Kiel/DE
Since 1972 Freelance graphic artist and photographer (focusing on publishing, urban projects, exhibitions, architecture and urban planning)
Various lectureships in Germany and abroad

Selected exhibitions


Landscape – at a distance quite close, Zodiac Gallery, Omaha/USA
Water Still Lifes, Moving Gallery, Omaha/USA
Neighbourhood, Science Park, Gelsenkirchen/DE
Neighbourhood, Centre for Architecture, Kassel/DE
Neighbourhood, vhs-photogalerie, Stuttgart/DE
Neighbourhood, DAM – German Museum for Architecture, Frankfurt am Main/DE
art Karlsruhe, with WHITECONCEPTS, Rheinstetten/DE


Auch ich war in Arkadien, Fotogalerie V, Vossfeld/DE
art Karlsruhe, with WHITECONCEPTS, Rheinstetten/DE
Der Sommer nach Woodstock, Galerie Neuffler, Hamburg/DE
Berlin – narrativ, Klinikgalerie Garbatyplatz, Berlin/DE
Compositions, WHITECONCEPTS, Berlin/DE


Galerie 68, Kiel/DE
art Karlsruhe, with WHITECONCEPTS, Rheinstetten/DE
Vom Winde verweht, rock´n´pop Museum, Gronau/DE


Jimi Hendrix and Love&Peace Festival, WHITECONCEPTS/nhow Gallery, Berlin/DE
art Karlsruhe, with WHITECONCEPTS, Rheinstetten/DE


Making The Connection, Gallery 616, Omaha/USA


Space versus space – Abstraction and hyperreality, European Patent Office, Munich/DE
Berlin – After the Wall came down, Gallery Andrieu, Berlin/DE


Gallery artMbassy, Berlin/DE
As far as the eye can see…, Moving Gallery, Omaha/USA


Magie Real, Gallery artMbassy, Berlin/DE
As far as the eye can see …, Designcrib Gallery, Miami/ USA