Franziska Rutishauser

Painting I Installation

Franziska Rutishauser focuses on the dependence on conditions of perception. […] Her artistic exploration is based on precise, analytic observation and is inspired by its manifestations; this in turn also explains the choice of her artistic media – painting, photography and drawing. Photography is of particular importance for her, because this medium is an aid for her paintings and drawings, but it is also an expression in its own right. […] Similarly, to her compatriot Franz Gertsch, she examines her topics through meticulous scrutiny. Elements of nature such as trees, branches, mountain and water attract her attention, through which she deeply indulges herself into the painting. What in the end seems to be a hyper realistic painting that evokes the illusionist technique of photographs, reveals – if you take a closer look – a school of seeing that demands to indulge visually – not only into the oil paintings, but into all artworks created by Franziska Rutishauser, in order to discover unexpected, utterly unreal details or to enable the perception of solely abstract structures. […]  Dr. Margit im Schlaa, 2014

[…] Seeing is on the one hand a reflection of the real world, as Rutishauser writes: “It’s a ‘simulation’ of the real world that is constructed by the brain and exists in the brain”. On the other hand, every view is subjective or as the artist puts it: “For me, the view I have matters, This view goes along with a practiced idea that stems from the worldview and the utopia, which I develop inside myself.”
[…] It’s no coincidence that the Swiss artist who is living in Berlin is attracted by mountains, even if that is only temporary. Berlin is built on sand and knows only a few natural mountains. There are only mountains of rubble, overgrown und overbuilt, witnesses of horrendous times, devastating wars, which have made almost left almost nothing untouched. “Berlin is a plate” writes the artist, “a plate without safe margins. A huge flat urban area that is built on sand. A place of permanent change.” Or in the words of the often quoted author Karl Scheffler; who spoke in the book “Berlin – the fate of a city” of the “tragic fate that has forced Berlin to change always, and never be”. […] Michael Nungesser, 2014

Artist Info

Franziska Rutishauser


1962 Born in Münsingen BE, Switzerland
Lives in Bern, Berlin and Nice



Studied at the Schule für Gestaltung (Hochschule der Künste) and the University of Bern/CH

Selected group shows


Utopia Garden-Sehnsuchtsorte, IG Halle im Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil/CH
The X – Part II, WHITECONCEPTS Gallery, Berlin/DE
The Universal Sea, Book Launch, Universität der Künste, Berlin/DE


POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, represented by WHITECONCEPTS, Arena, Berlin/DE


Christine Brügger Gallery, Bern/CH
painted – gemalt – peint, Schlosshof, Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth, Bodenburg/DE


J. Fleig | W. Ganter | F. Rutishauser, Spreehöfe, Berlin/DE
Abstract Real, together with J. Svoboda, Gallery Kritiku -Gallery of Art Critics, Prague/CZ


Abstract Real, Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin/DE
The defence of everyday life, Gallery Schmalfuss, Marburg/GER


Abstract Real, Gallery Association of Berlin based Artists, Berlin/DE
White Cubes update 12, Gallery Association of Berlin based Artists, Berlin/DE
The mountain is calling (Der Berg ruft), Salon Gras Fressen, Berlin/DE


3×6+1 (Part 2), Gallery Association of Berlin based Artists, Berlin/DE


Art at the Spreeknie, Open studios Schöneweide, Berlin/DE
message in a bag for ara, Schillerpalais, Berlin/DE


Gallery Christine Brügger, Bern/CH


Gallery Marc Faugeras, Villefranche Sur Mer/F


April…, Gallery Artraktion, Bern/CH


Guest Artist, invited by the Art Society, Kunsthaus, Interlaken/CH


Gallery Bertram, Burgdorf/CH


Kunsthalle Bern/CH

Selected solo exhibitions


One Person Show, Kunst Zurich, Zurich/CH


Aggregation, Kunstverein Region Heinsberg, Heinsberg-Unterbruch/DE


Stroh-Macht-Gold, Gmünder Kunstverein, Schwäbisch Gmünd/DE
reeling to real, Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth, Bodenburg/DE


Unearthly Realities, WHITECONCEPTS, Berlin/DE
Stroh und Gold, Solinger Kunstverein, Solingen/DE


Photographic Installations, Carpentier Gallery, Berlin/DE


abstract-real, Gallery Christine Brügger, Bern/CH


Dark light matter, Gallery Fred Fargo, Berlin/DE


Berliner Liste, Alte Münze, Berlin/DE


Looking back and towards new things, Gallery Christine Brügger, Bern/CH


Straw & Gold, Castle Holligen, Bern/CH

Shaped water (Wasser geformt), Castle Hünigen, Konolfingen/CH


The world is Halma, Gallery Artraktion, Bern/CH


Gallery Vita, Solothurn/CH


Magic plants (Pflanzenzauber), Gallery Artraktion, Bern/CH


Memories (Erinnerungen), Gallery Claudine Hohl, Zurich/CH


Gallery Artraktion, Bern/CH


Gallery Artraktion, Bern/CH


Oil paintings 1995–1999, Altenberg, Bern/CH


Oil paintings 1990–1995, Altes Schlachthaus, Bern/CH
Photographic works, Foto Gallery, Bern/CH


Synthethetic stuff (Synthetisches), Foto Gallery, Bern/CH