The works of Cristobal (*1961/DE) reflect magical moments blurring traces of reality. “I chose the path of abstraction in photography; a purely manual and artisanal technique without digital manipulation” says the visual Artist. After elaborately composed situations for his last series “Trouble in Paradise” he decided to develop a more intuitive approach. His most recent sequence of photographs is proof of the potential of abstrakt photography nowadays. Models for these are to be found rather in the sphere of painting than in photography.

Following his debut in Paris, France he had worked on numerous fashion editorials in Paris, London and New York. The first decade of his artistic career he spent exploring the possibilities of conceptual visual storytelling with multifaceted imagery. This body of his work has been showcased in various international exhibitions and publications, documented in the book Trouble in Paradise, published by Seltman in Berlin. In 2015 he decided to concentrate on exploring the possibilities of abstract photography, which has since become the center of his focus. In this new body of work he simply uses the camera as an optical instrument which allows him to create abstract expressions of what he feels is present.

Artist Info



Born 1961 in /DE
Lives and works in Cape Town/RSA



3 x Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards, Los Angeles/USA


Honorable Mention, International Photography Award, Los Angeles/USA


Winner, 69th International Photographic Salon Of Japan, Tokyo/JP
Winner, Datacolor Competition, Zurich/CH

Selected Exhibitions

2017 Pulse Art Miami, Indian Creek Park, Miami/USA

2017 Fine Art Photography Awards, London/UK

2017 Galerie Sakura, Paris/FR

2016 World Art Fair Dubai, Dubai/UAE

2016 Galerie Sakura, Paris/FR

2015 Concours Photo Ville de Calais/FR

2015 WHITECOCEPTS Gallery, Berlin/DE

2014 Galerie V17, Berlin/DE

2013 Salon de la Photo, Paris/FR

2012 Galerie V17, Berlin/DE

2009 Ministry of Art and Science, Wiesbaden/DE

2009 69th Photographic Salon, Tokyo/JP

2009 Datacolor Competition, Zurich/CH

2008 ArtMbassy Gallery, Berlin/DE

2008 Galerie V17, Berlin/DE

2008 Saatchi Gallery, London/UK